Oasis Healthcare Group Ltd-Kenya’s first and largest countrywide, fully integrated private healthcare system.

Our History

Oasis Healthcare Group was designed to offer a one-stop health solution to tackle the distress of patients looking for specialist care, especially in rural Kenya. The simple observation, in August 2009, by newly acquainted colleagues in a theatre (during a chat while awaiting the next operation), of the immense, yet unaddressed distress of patients moving from one office building, street, or even town to another, seeking specialist services, especially in rural Kenya, led to “Eureka Moment”. Everyone participating realized immediately that:

  • The situation was wrong and was untenable.
  • Often, the specialists underperformed, or services under-utilized.
  • The client was not getting value for money.
  • Client confidence, especially in rural-based specialists, was frequently eroded, leaving mainly the desperate and/or complicated cases to present.

OHGL Affiliates are made up of skilled and dedicated healthcare specialists, professionals, support staff, volunteers, and physicians who promote wellness, prevent disease & injury, and provide healthcare every day to a diverse population in Kenya.

Oasis Healthcare Membership Team currently includes over 300 Doctors, of which 175 of them are major shareholders in the group’s network across the country