Oasis is the story of diverse individuals thinking and working as a team who have not allow opportunities to waste

Our History

The simple observation, in August 2009, by newly acquainted colleagues in theatre, during a chat (while awaiting the next operation) of the immense, but yet unaddressed, distress of patients moving from one office, building, street or even town, to another, seeking specialists services, especially in rural Kenya, led to our “Eureka Moment”.

Everyone participating realized immediately that:
–The situation was wrong and was untenable.
–The client was not getting value for money
–Often, the specialists underperformed, or services under-utilized
–Client confidence, especially in the rural-based specialists, was frequently seriously eroded, leaving mainly the desperate and/or complicated cases to present, and in many situations, late in the disease process (all potential professional minefields)

The Simple Conclusions That Created The Oasis Concept:

  • The patient is the CENTRE of our GRAVITY in Medical Practice
  • To Excel in Medical Practice, the Patient must RECEIVE Excellent Care
  • To be able to achieve Excellence (in any endevour), one MUST TRAIN
  • After Training, to Exhibit Excellence, one must PRACTICE what they learnt, preferably in as similar an environment as they trained in
  • Thus Specialists should CONSISTENTLY practice WITHIN their specialty
  • For Patients to receive COMPREHENSIVE Excellent Care in ALL specialties, VARIOUS Specialists MUST be CO-LOCATED and INTERGRATED.
  • Hence NEED to Practice together as a COORDINATED GROUP/UNIT.
  • Our Profile

    Oasis Healthcare Group Limited is Kenya’s first and largest countrywide, fully-integrated private healthcare system, registered In October 2015 and born out of the Oasis Group Practice model of health services provision to harmonize the various companies & facilities existing across the country under the Oasis umbrella.

    Our goal is to synchronize the strategic direction, standard operating procedures, business processes, expansion programs, style, systems and shared values among others in our network of facilities.

    We practice a centralized control & command so as to harness opportunities in the local and global arena through product differentiation & diversification together with capital sourcing.


    “A Platform of Excellence in Healthcare. ”


    “To offer holistic customer centric healthcare through adherence to Best Practice.”